At Hopscotch Moments, we are aware of the impact our work can have and we give great importance to sustainability. That is why obtaining the ISO 20121 certification was a priority for us: beyond certifying every event we create, it is a way for us to adopt a common policy that reflects our values and allows us to move forward on our projects in unison, making CSR a daily concern in our branch.

We have therefore established a list of objectives that guides our teams in all their projects: limiting waste, favoring good working conditions, ensuring the improvement of our stakeholders’ skills or contributing to the local economy are just some of the many goals we have established, organized in three categories: environmental, economic, and social impact.

In this respect, Hopscotch Moments’ expertise relies on our continuous improvement, harnessed and deployed on everything we work on. A daily but gratifying task, ensuring that all of our moments have a positive impact.